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I am very passionate driving the delivery of products to end-users successfully and efficiently. After being a UX developer, I found that I’m more interested in project management, which would allow me to be part of the decision making process. This was why I decided to move to my current position as a senior business analyst and project manager. I’m enjoying my role, which allows me to bring people with different background together from internal and external teams. By having development skills and knowing the technology capabilities and constraints, I was able to provide the best solution with the best practices. However, the technologies that I am currently involved in are outdated, such as mainframe systems. I would like to work with cutting edge technologies, which could apply my user experience skills.

PM highlights:
During the last 6 months, I was able to successfully deliver both Share Class Conversion and Disclosure of Interests projects in parallel with 6 releases, and 3 of them were ahead of schedule.

Most recent projects:

  • Share Class Conversion was a multi-year and multi-million dollar project for performing reconciliation between multiple platforms and automating the current semi-manual process.
  • Disclosure of Interest was an auditing project, which monitored whether the instruments (fixed income and equity) were captured correctly in the accounting system and complied with the regulations.
  • Client Onboarding was a web application project for replacing the existing platform, which provided bankers from Asset Management a cutting edge tool to win clients.
  • Client Experience was another web project for enhancing the internal and external tools in Asset Management.

My responsibilities during a full production cycle:


  • Served as a project manager.
  • Collaborated with team members from Product & Platform and Operations around the globe, while gathering requirements.
  • Made sure the requirements were achievable with the current technology. This was where my strong technical background as a developer came to play.
  • Documented the business requirements and created mockups and/or prototypes.
  • Conducted requirement review meetings with business and technology teams to ensure all parties were clear on what would be implemented.
  • Retrieved estimates from multiple build teams, including the front-end, middleware, database, downstream systems and infrastructure/hardware.
  • Developed roadmaps on how to deliver the project successfully.
  • Met with project sponsors for budgeting decisions, while making adjustments to prioritize items.
  • Gathered approvals from the global technology architect team with possible solutions.
  • Partnered with technology risk teams from US, Europe and Asia to ensure the implementation complied with firm-wide security standards.


  • Served as the scrum master.
  • Broke down the technical requirement into story points and backlog items.
  • Prioritized stories with build teams.
  • Conducted daily scrum meetings with the onshore and offshore build teams to ensure all items were on track for each sprint.
  • Removed any roadblocks development teams had.
  • Carried out testing as stories were implemented in development environments.
  • Reported defects and adjusted the story points and backlog.
  • Ensured the implementation plans were within the budget and made adjustments as needed.


  • Served as the QA lead.
  • Planned test strategies.
  • Assigned responsibilities to the UAT or middle office testers.
  • Conducted daily checkpoints to ensure tests were on schedule.
  • Communicated between testers and developers with issues.
  • Gathered signoffs from the testing teams.


  • Served as the facilitator.
  • Planned the release run-book.
  • Partnered with technology operate and release management teams to ensure code artifacts were built and released successfully.
  • Scheduled stakeholder checkout events during the release weekend.

Post release

  • Provided production support.
  • Communicated with end users to ensure the application was successfully built or enhanced.
  • Gathered feedback from the end users for the future improvements.

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