Dumplings and Lively Up Yourself

Homemade dumplings were perfect for a Saturday night. I made it with Chinese preserved vegetables, which my parents bought in China in June this year, and pork. They reminded me the pork buns that I used to have in China every morning. They don’t need any sauce to dip with. However, out of a habit, I made a soy sauce, vinegar, Sriracha, and green onions.

I had Buckler non-alcoholic beer with the meal. I think this is the best non-alcoholic beer in the world.


I paired Lively Up Yourself by Bob Marley. Very relaxing. It reminded me this Japanese place Alex and I used to go to in Northern Jersey. They always played Bob Marley’s songs, when we were there.

Let me know how you think about this pairing.

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Moscow Mule and We are One

We finally survived another week of busy work. Alex’s bartender half came out and made a Moscow Mule with Grey Goose, ginger beer and freshly squeezed lime juice in a copper mug. Very refreshing. I felt very lucky that I could enjoy an authentic cocktail at home.

Moscow Mule
Moscow Mule

I chose We Are One by Kiss. Not to mention we are going to watch Kiss and Def Leppard concert soon. Can’t wait.

Please let me know how you think about this pairing.

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Soba and Alibi

After a short run to Hoboken (about 2 miles), Alex and I decided to have そば (soba noodles) with spam. YUM! We put lettuce, mushroom, scallions, toasted black sesame seeds, soy sauce and hot sauce.


We paired そば with アリバイ (Alibi) by シド (Sid), which is Alex’s recent most favorite Japanese song for working out.

Please let me know what you think about this pairing.

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Crêpe and L’amitié

Diana and I decided to have lunch together near work. We went to Crêpes du Nord in the Financial District.

Diana ordered the special crêpe with spinach, mushroom and cheese, which was very light and juicy.

I ordered the Farmers Crêpe with scrambled eggs, zucchini, cheddar cheese and chives. It had a lot of protein and held me until dinner. Yes, I also went for a run after work on the Hoboken boardwalk.


Crêpes du Nord
Farmers Crêpe


Lunch with Diana
Lunch with Diana


I paired the lunch with this French song, L’amitié (Friendship) by Isabelle Boulay. Please let me know what you think about it.

Hope you also enjoyed today like me.

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Yogurt and Walking Contradiction

Yay! It’s Friday. After a tiring week, I needed something to boost me up. I decided to have plain greek yogurt with blueberries and chia + sesame seeds for the breakfast.

yogurt with blueberries and seeds
Yogurt with blueberries and seeds

And of course, I needed music to pair with my food. I chose Walking Contradiction by Green Day. Let me know how you think about this paring.

My cat, Pumpkin, was chilling on the couch. Hope she was not bored by herself at home during the day.

Pumpkin chilling
Pumpkin chilling

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NY Cheesecake and Hysteria

On a coolish summer night, my husband and I decided to go for a walk after a tiring day. I was craving for some cheesecake (NY style, of course!). We went to the Carlos Bakery, which we thought still open with some people lined up in the front. However, it was closed. We walked over to Aspen Marketplace and got a mini NY Cheesecake from the bakery department.

Afterwards, we went to the Hoboken boardwalk. While passing by Giannone Wine & Liquor Co., we decided to get a small bottle of wine. The Chocolate Shop wine caught our eye. We thought cheesecake plus chocolate is a perfect combination with wine. This was the first time that we were trying a flavored wine.

NY Cheesecake and Chocolate Shop Wine
NY Cheesecake and Chocolate Shop Wine

Finally, we reached the water front and found a bench with a baby robin standing on it, who seemed got hurt. Alex tried to feed it with cheesecake but it refused and flew away.

Feeding a baby robin with cheesecake
Feeding a baby robin with cheesecake

We were looking for the right song to pair with the dessert and the wine. Then we found Hysteria by Def Leppard, which I thought it was perfect for the moment. We were enjoying the food, the wine, the music and the Manhattan skylines.


Please let me know how you think about this pairing. Welcome to comments! Cheers!

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