Brownstone and First Flight Home

This was my second time stayed at a hospital overnight this year. I hope this would be the last time ever for me. On the way home, stopping by Brownstone Dinner seemed becoming a tradition for us. Since I had to watch what I was eating this time, I ordered a greek yogurt with berries, which was pretty good. Alex ordered chicken quesadilla and curly fries.

Brown Stone

I was very looking forward to go home, shower then rest. First Flight Home by Jake Miller suited well with this meal.

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Au Cheval and Beat It

Au Cheval was a new American diner. We visited here after a 17 mile bike ride. Their burger was definitely a must have item. We had it with thick-cut bacon and egg. We also shared general Jane’s honey-fried chicken with chili, sesame seeds & cilantro and fries. It was a lot of food for two of us. I would definitely like to go back and try some other items.

Au Cheval
Au Cheval

I thought that Beat It by Michael Jackson would pair well with this meal.

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