BCD Tofu House and Come & Get It

Today, a family friend of ours was visiting NYC for the first time. I have been knowing her since I was a baby. It was very cool to meeting with someone after a long time. We decided to have BCD Tofu House – a busy Korean restaurant, which was located in midtown Manhattan. Everyone had a great time. Food was great.

We had scallion pancakes, spicy pork bulgogi, grilled yellow corvina, grilled mackerel, mushroom tofu soup and seafood tofu soup. A fried baby yellow corvina came as a banchan dish for everyone, which was pretty cool.

Today was also the first day after I received my new iPhone 6 Plus. I put it to the test, since the restaurant was pretty dark during the night. The photos came out awesome. I loved it.

BCD Tofu House
BCD Tofu House

I felt Come & Get It by Selena Gomez paired well with this meal.

Here is my Yelp review.

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