Brownstone and First Flight Home

This was my second time stayed at a hospital overnight this year. I hope this would be the last time ever for me. On the way home, stopping by Brownstone Dinner seemed becoming a tradition for us. Since I had to watch what I was eating this time, I ordered a greek yogurt with berries, which was pretty good. Alex ordered chicken quesadilla and curly fries.

Brown Stone

I was very looking forward to go home, shower then rest. First Flight Home by Jake Miller suited well with this meal.

Here is my Yelp review.

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Yogurt and Walking Contradiction

Yay! It’s Friday. After a tiring week, I needed something to boost me up. I decided to have plain greek yogurt with blueberries and chia + sesame seeds for the breakfast.

yogurt with blueberries and seeds
Yogurt with blueberries and seeds

And of course, I needed music to pair with my food. I chose Walking Contradiction by Green Day. Let me know how you think about this paring.

My cat, Pumpkin, was chilling on the couch. Hope she was not bored by herself at home during the day.

Pumpkin chilling
Pumpkin chilling

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