Hi, my name is Wei.
I'm a product manager who is committed to creating exceptional user experiences and achieving meaningful impact.
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More than 15 years overall experiences.

Analytical Thinking

My ability to analyze data and extract insights plays a pivotal role in informing my product decisions. I have a keen eye for identifying patterns and trends that can impact the product's success, enabling me to effectively prioritize features, assess market opportunities, and make data-driven decisions that drive the product's growth.

Creative Problem Solving

My ability to approach problems with a creative and innovative mindset helps me to identify root causes, generate new ideas, and find unique solutions to complex challenges. By combining creativity and problem-solving, I am able to overcome obstacles and drive product success.

Navigating Complex Challenges

My ability to navigate complex challenges allows me to anticipate potential obstacles and proactively manage risks, ensuring successful product launches and achieving business objectives. I collaborate with cross-functional teams, break down complex issues into manageable pieces, and develop actionable plans to move the project forward.


What I'm proud of...

Lynk Circle
B2B SaaS
Lynk Answers
Expert Network
Health App
Appway 7 + Case Management


My career journey so far...


When I'm not working...



Yelp Elite for 10 Years



Toy Poodle



Eat, Cook & Share